Taco Tuesday (GF Vegan) @ The Reverence Hotel

Need a cheap, tasty and healthy gluten-free and vegan eat in a punked-up Melbourne pub?  Think this sounds about as findable as a unicorn?  Well I’ve found your unicorn: Taco Tuesdays at the Reverence Hotel in Footscray.  This is a bit of a local Westies’ secret so I’ve been reluctant to let the unicorn out of the bag but I know how hard it is to do gluten-free and vegan on the cheap and easy.  At the Reverence it’s as easy as following these 4 steps.


It’s not a typo.  On Tuesdays, the Reverence Hotel has $3 tacos, $3 beers and $5 fries.  It gets better.  All of the tacos are gluten-free (the tortillas are made by La Tortillieria in Kensington who have a great gluten-free and vegan friendly restaurant) and vegans/vegetarians have the choice of smoked tofu or beans.  Here’s what was left of my tacos when I remembered to stop eating and take a photo.

Tacos at the Reverence Hotel

They are huge (3 is enough for me) and filled with lots of fresh toppings.  They have a selection of hot sauces if that’s your thing.  The bean taco is a definite winner over the tofu – the tofu itself is a bit plain but the black and pinto beans have a lovely depth of flavour.  My gluten-eating partner tells me that the $3 can of beer tastes like a $3 can of beer.  But hey, it’s cheap.  The gluten-free fries are thin and crispy like fries rather than chips.  They are covered in an I-need-to-eat-the-whole-bowl spice mix (paprika?).

Gluten-free fries at the Reverence Hotel

It’s worth getting to the Reverence Hotel close to 6pm on a Tuesday night to ensure that you get a table.  It can get busy but the barstaff have their system (see rules above) and the kitchen pumps out tacos like a taco-making-factory.  The vibe on a Tuesday is upbeat and fun.  The crowd is a mixture of families, goths (like from the 90s, not emos), students, hipsters and older hip people.

If you like pizza, check out my review of the vegan gluten-free pizza at the Reverence Hotel – it’s the best in Melbourne.

The Reverence Hotel.
28 Napier Street, Footscray
9687 2111
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4 thoughts on “Taco Tuesday (GF Vegan) @ The Reverence Hotel

    1. I wondered about this last night too because these tacos are listed as being vegan, but I didn’t ask. We just did a quick search online and according to the Footscray Food Blog, the mayo is vegan. The Reverence also definitely has vegan cheese, sour cream and mock meat (including pork made from stewed jack-fruit which makes for an awesome nachos). Mmmm nachos.


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